Welcome to the official Lowenlove Chihuahuas website. We are professional breeders of KC Registered Chihuahuas. We strive for show quality and perfect temperament in every litter born here at Lowenlove.

Some of the previous puppies bred by us include:

Lowenlove Lollipop
Lowenlove Magical Elf
Lowenlove Magic Man
Lowenlove Dark Knight
Lowenlove Candy Crush
We are Kennel Club Assured, vet approved and council licensed breeders. We have been awarded a 5 star status by North East Lincolnshire Council. Our license number is AW0049..

We are a family of Chihuahua breeders who are passionate about our dogs, we aim to combine beautiful colour, show type, and that famous Lowenlove temperament. Our dogs all live in our home as cherished members of our family. We consider ourselves to be more than just breeders, each puppy bred here at Lowenlove is lavished with love and affection from the moment they are born. Even after leaving for their new homes, they will always have a place in our hearts and a place to call home should they ever need to come back to us.


If you choose a Lowenlove puppy, you can buy from us in complete confidence that you are purchasing your puppy from a reputable breeder who puts their dogs first. We are regularly inspected by an official inspector from the Kennel Club, 2 officers from our local council and an independent vet, and we have been awarded the highest possible grade (5 stars) which reflects the incredibly high standards we adhere to when it comes to our dogs. Our dogs receive only the best of everything. They are fed a high quality diet, enjoy regular family outings to our local beach and daily walks to the park, and have frequent visits to our own vet to ensure they are in perfect health. They all live in our home as cherished members of the family, we do not operate kennels and would never allow one of our babies to go to live with someone who thinks that kennels are an acceptable home for a Chihuahua. Our dogs are all health tested and graded for Patella Luxation prior to breeding. We only breed from dogs who have been graded 0/0 for PL.


We encourage anyone interested in purchasing one of our babies to visit us in our home where you can meet us and our beautiful dogs.